About TCS Accounting

Jacques van Heerden, the Director, has been assisting clients with financial requirements from 1989 advising them about their insurance needs. The tax-related services were subsequently added to the suite of financial services. Michael van Heerden, the Co-Director, introduced his services to TCS Accounting assisting companies with their accounting affairs.

This amalgamation of services by Jacques and Michael propelled TCS Accounting in asserting itself as a professional service provider in the Tax and Accounting environments.

TCS Accounting is firstly focused on providing excellent financial services to companies in and around Pretoria, and secondly, TCS Accounting provides personal tax services especially to agents, sole proprietors, individuals & independent agents.

TCS Accounting employs highly competent individuals who will provide valuable and precise advice and work. TCS Accounting is clearly a highly skilled accounting and tax practice, having developed key expertise in various areas of focus.

Born out of an entrepreneurial culture our dynamic team of individuals are employed not only for their talent and expertise but equally for their integrity, professionalism and intellectual drive.

A culture of excellence, continuous learning and improvement is encouraged within the firm thus benefiting both our staff and our clients. In addition, we have an impressive client profile that provides a fertile ground for learning, specialisation and nurturing of our talent. As a client of TCS Accounting you can expect to receive a rare degree of individual service that promises to be exceptional at all times in terms of quality and efficiency.